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Answers - Bring your English to life by using phrasal verbs #3

Make sure phrasal verbs are a part of your English learning experience. At World Idiomas in Aranjuez and Legazpi, Madrid, we make sure that natural communication skills are learnt by all our students. Real world communication skills build confidence.

"to wait"

There's absolutely no point hanging ______________ I´m sure Julia isn´t coming. in out around up

"to make bigger"

I'm going to undo this jacket around the shoulders and let it ______________ as it's too small for me now. up out off in

"to start a business"

They have decided to ______________ up in business selling kitchen equipment. put set pick hold

"to fall to the ground"

Mum fell ______________ in the mall today and hurt her hip. under off back over

answers to phrasal verbs posted Dec 2, 2022

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