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Answers Bring your English to life by using phrasal verbs #4

Make sure phrasal verbs are a part of your English learning experience. At World Idiomas in Aranjuez and Legazpi, Madrid, we make sure that natural communication skills are learnt by all our students. Real world communication skills build confidence. Learn English or Chinese or Spanish in Aranjuez or Legazpi with World Idiomas.

"to laugh out loud all of a sudden"

It was a really funny scene in the movie and the whole family ____________ out laughing. flew blew started burst

"to employ"

The firm has decided to ____________ on more workers because of the increase in seasonal orders. let take set put

"to invent"

She makes ____________ so many things that nobody really knows when she is telling the truth.

in off out up

"to continue happening for too long"

The play was really boring. It dragged ____________ for much too long. on up in along

Have a go - correct answers next week (Dec 16, 22) - inglés y chino y español Legazpi y Aranjuez, Madrid

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