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Qatar 2022: Essential English Football Vocabulary

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Every four years teams from around the world go head to head in a game of speed, strength, and agility to see who will be crowned champions of the world.

This year's tournament will be hosted by Qatar, amidst much controversy with bans on alcohol and the country's human rights record. One of the most controversial changes is that the competition will be held during the winter, a decision that has caused uproar in various footballing communities around the world, due to high temperatures in summer - when the World Cup is usually played.

Qatar will face Ecuador in the first game of the tournament at Al Bayt stadium.

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Qatar will kick off proceedings by playing the inaugural game against South Americans Ecuador this Sunday 20th November. With nothing to lose but everything to gain, millions of people around the world will be tuning in to watch their country play with all the courage and might they can muster in the hope they can bring home the coveted World Cup Trophy.

With all the excitement and anticipation, we decided that sharing your passion for the great game shouldn't be limited to your native tongue, so here's a list of the essential football vocabulary.


shoot = tirar

pass = pase

screamer! = ¡golazo!

diver = piscinazo

offside = fuera de juego

header = cabezazo

time wasting = perder de tiempo

what's the score? = ¿cómo van?

tackle = quitar el balon

Watch this screamer by Podolski.

El campo

the pitch = el campo

touch line = línea de banda

halfway line = línea media

centre circle = círculo central

penalty area/the box = área

penalty spot = punto de penalti

goal line = línea de meta

goalpost = poste/palo de la portería

the net = la red

crossbar = largero

corner flag/flagpost = banderines

Los jugadores

goalkeeper/goalie = portero

defender = defensa

midfield player = centrocampista

winger = extremo

forward = delantero

player = jugador

referee = árbitro

linesman = juez de línea

Las reglas

foul = falta

corner kick = saque de esquina

extra time = tiempo extra/tiempo de descuento

first half = primer tiempo

second half = seguno tiempo

send a player off = expulsar un jugador

throw in = saque de banda

yellow card = tarjeta amarilla

red card = tarjeta roja

restart of play = reanudación del juego

penalty = penalti

free kick = tiro libre/falta

the rules = las reglas

Watch this amazing free kick by Messi.


home = equipo local

away = equipo visitante

bench = banquillo

changing rooms = vestuarios

manager/coach = entrenador


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