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Improve your English on National Innovation Day!

Innovation is a word so overused people have become tired of hearing it but we shouldn't forget that it represents an important concept.

Without innovation, we wouldn't have mobile phones, cars and even toasters! It's a concept that we can't live without these days and it can play an important part in your language-learning journey.

To innovate is to introduce something new, a new method, a new device or a new idea. All of these things are innovative and it's important that you try to be as innovative as possible when learning English.

For many students, it can be difficult to improve whether you're a beginner or you've been studying the language for years, we can all be helped by new methods of learning.

Today, we are going to share with you some of the most innovative ways to improve your English.

Listen to music

Nowadays most of us have a smartphone which means most of us can listen to music. Learning a language through music is an amazing way to improve your fluency because you're experiencing the language in the most common form. Why? Because music is made for everyone!

Another benefit is that you don't need to study or read books for this, you can simply put your earphones in and enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

Take your time, find an artist you really enjoy and soon you'll be singing all your favourite songs in English. Some streaming services also provide you with the lyrics too, making it even easier to learn.

Change your phone's language

This is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the language but it is more suitable for learners with some experience. As you use your mobile phone every day, you'll become used to reading things in English and over time this vocabulary will become natural and normal for you.

Also, by changing your phone's language, you will typically find that most of your search results will be in that language too, forcing you to engage and understand English! This is a great but subtle way of introducing more English into your life.

Write a diary

Some learners can struggle with their writing so this is an excellent way to improve it. Try keeping a diary, focusing on the different feelings and actions you've done that day. By doing this you're constantly using everyday terms, grammar and vocabulary that'll help improve not only your writing but also your speaking.


This method can be very useful but you might want to practise this one alone!

When you have a few minutes by yourself, try and think about everyday scenarios and act those out. For example, you can pretend to be an angry customer because the shop doesn't have what you need or a tourist that's lost and looking for help. Then when you're finished look for synonyms of what you said, the different ways you can say the same thing. This way you're constantly building your vocabulary and also creating a language connection.

Speak to natives

We can't say this idea is innovative but it is a tried and tested one that results in success. Native speakers have a wide range of knowledge that a lot of textbooks are unable to give you. As the English language is constantly evolving, native speakers understand these changes and can help you understand them too. As well as this, they can often help you fine-tune your speaking to make sure you use the correct tone and vocabulary, for example ''I don't like cheese'' has a different meaning to ''I do not like cheese''. Do you know why?

If you're looking to learn from native speakers then get in contact with us at, you can also WhatsApp us at +34 639 785 836. Want to visit us in person? You can find us at our two academies in the Madrid area - Calle Infantas, 63, Aranjuez or Paseo de las Delicias, 138, Legazpi.

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