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Learn new vocabulary with Sports Day!

As the temperature begins to warm up, schools all over the world will have a Sports Day.

What is a Sports Day?

A Sports Day, typically organised by a school, is a day dedicated to fun, sporting events such as running, obstacles, and even some team sports! Sports days are usually held during spring as it is a lot cooler than the heights of summer.

Depending on your Sports Day, you may have to compete against your classmates, year groups, or tutor groups - known as 'houses' in Britain (think of Gryffindor or Slytherin). Students are awarded points for their positions in each activity and the group with the most points wins.

Prizes can include trophies, rosettes, and medals!

Planning a Sports Day

If you would like to organise your own Sports Day, it's quite simple! All you need to do is choose a variety of activities or sports and make sure that everyone understands them.

Here at World Idiomas, we believe it's important for our students to communicate effectively and with confidence when explaining things.

We asked our young learners to create their own Sports Days complete with events and descriptions. Here are some of the best! Take a look below.

A big well done to all three for the fantastic work. Keep it up!

Vocabulary List

Warm up (phrasal verb) : to increase temperature. (I'm going to warm up my dinner in the microwave.)

Obstacles (noun) : an object that stops you from progressing. (Show jumpers must ride a horse and get it to jump over different obstacles.)

Compete (verb) : to participate in a contest. (Thousands of people compete in the London Marathon.)

Effectively (adverb) : to do something well, successfully. (To become a native level speaker, you must communicate effectively.)

Want to learn more?

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