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Solutions - phrasal verbs #5

Happy New Year everyone.

Are phrasal verbs are a part of your English learning experience? At World Idiomas in Aranjuez and Legazpi, Madrid, we make sure that natural communication skills are learnt by all our students.

Real world communication skills build confidence. Learn English or Chinese or Spanish in Aranjuez or Legazpi with World Idiomas.

"to make something appear less important"

The IT department are trying to play ________________ the recent series of glitches in the database by blaming them on end users. around down on behind

"to decide not to do something that was previously arranged"

They ________________ out of our agreement to share the fuel costs for the boat 50-50. went backed jumped turned

"to be like a member of the family in appearance or manner"

David really ________________ after his dad in the way he spends so much time making model ships on his own.

shows looks goes takes

"to not be able to make people forget a mistake you have made"

I was just about to sing to the whole school when I forgot the words. I was really embarrassed. I'll never live it ________________ . up over down through

Have a go - correct answers in the new year- inglés y chino y español Legazpi y Aranjuez, Madrid

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